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27th December 2010


Rafael Lovato Jr. Omopalata App. Review

If you are reading this blog than you are much like me, meaning once off the mats you can not get enough Jiu Jitsu.  I am guessing that you spend much of your time off the mat reading the latest Jiu Jitsu how to books, watching countless YouTube videos, and or glued to your TV watching the latest DVD.  Go ahead raise your hand and scream, “YES”, to all the above.  So since we are all in the same self help group, I am gonna say you all fall into the small frustrating snag that I was in until recently, this is why I now take my material with me now.

I have had the fortune to attend numerous seminars in Seaside which feature Rafael Lovato Jr., and have always been pleased by the amount of positional details he provides to his students and attendees.  So when I found out that he was releasing an IPhone/IPad application on the ompolata I knew I would have to get it.  Taking advantage of the introductory offer I downloaded it as fast as I could.  I am using an IPhone 4 to view it and can say that the screen is not to small  at all, I imagine that it would blow you away running on an IPad.

I am very impressed with how each technique is set up as a separate chapter so that you can choose which technique you want to view without having to scan or let the instructional run to find what you are looking for.  Second the video quality receives a high rating, I would be willing to bet that they spent a great deal of time making sure that they had the perfect distance and frame size, this allows the technique to be shown in great detail as Rafael moves without him falling off the screen or getting to far away to see the details.  They were able to integrate an alternate camera angle so that the far side details which usually get blocked where easily and seamlessly added into the clips.  At first I thought my phone was giving out because the alternative angle is in a black, grey and white scale, this adds a strong aesthetic feel to the overall production of the app, as well as a cool factor.

If you are a fan of the omoplata or looking to add it to your game I can not recommend this app enough.  Rafael breaks each position down into its integral parts and makes it a point to explain why and how each are important to the overall position.  Rafael not only addresses the essence of the omoplata but he makes it a point to always keep you focused on grip control as well.  I was very pleased to see that Rafael laid out the app so that it flowed from setting up the position, to attacking and sweeping from the position, into defending the position and then lastly numerous options to finish the position.

This app is a great addition to your training material and what better than to have access to the techniques right there in your pocket.  If you commute to work on public transportation, spend time waiting for clients or your significant other, or need a quick fix on you lunch break than look no further.  My only recommendation would be MORE please, I am looking forward to what the future may bring in the realm of Jiu Jitsu based apps and instructionals.

Check out the link for details from the Apple App store.  Cheers Guys!

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