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13th January 2011


“My dream is for people to understand that in the end Jiu-Jitsu is an art that helps people.”
- Carlos Gracie Jr.

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22nd December 2010


2010 Academy Recap

As the end of 2010 winds to an end, we like to take some time to reflect on some of the accomplishments that have stood out.  In a way each year holds new and exciting changes for everyone and 2010 was no exception.  Let’s take a look at some of the changes we’ve all experienced.

* Promotions for the students in our adult Jiu-Jitsu classes.  Blair Hedrick became our first women to achieve the yellow belt. Galen Grudnick earned the blue belt; Jess Vaughan earned his purple belt, and Instructors Nate and Zach Adamson were promoted to brown belt. 

* Promotions for the students in our kids Jiu-Jitsu classes.  Namely, Chance Giguere moved to Yellow Belt. Also, Duncan Fenison, Luke Verley, and Travis Jonsson were promoted to Orange Belt.

* The addition of the Alpha Strike Team kickboxing program.

* The all new Womens UltraFit Boot Camp program.

* Another awesome seminar with Assoc. Instructor Rafael Lovato Jr., as well as having our training partners and team mates from Eugene come to train with us.

* Rafael Lovato Jr. wins his first No-Gi Black Belt World Championship. Rafael and Justin Rader became the first instructor/student combination to win the No-Gi Worlds.

* Student Eric Gerdes is the first student from our academy to win the No-Gi World Championships.

* Instructor Zach Adamson becomes a two-time National finalist.

* The Inaugural Academy Christmas Party for our staff, students, members and friends.

* The launch of our new website ( The addition of an academy blog for students as well as our Womens UltraFit Bootcamp blog.  We also added tons of new photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and a twitter feed to keep in better contact with our members.

We are very pleased with all the improvements we’ve been able to make this year.  Although we are prouder of the goals and dreams our instructors, students and friends have been able to accomplish.  This has been a monumental year for us and we’d like thank you all for being apart of it.  As you read this hopefully you start to think of all the awesome things 2011 will bring.  Happy Holidays family!  

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